RBFF Visits STEAM Expo to Talk Concussion and Brain Safety

The Ryan Blaney Family Foundation recently took part in a STEAM Expo at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Students from many local school districts came to the track to learn about science, technology, engineering, arts, agriculture, aviation, aerospace and mathematics. The RBFF brought a booth that taught students about concussions, how important it is to wear a helmet and keep your brain safe and healthy.

The students were able to try on “concussion goggles,” which simulated what your vision may look like if you were to have a concussion. The goggles blur, double, and overall make it hard to complete normal tasks, such as walking, shaking peoples hands or playing games. The students tried on the glasses and were tasked with putting pegs back into a peg board. It was initially difficult for them to find the pegs, as it seemed they were reaching to the correct location, but the peg wasn’t actually in that spot.

The students were also able to try walking on a straight line with the goggles on. This was extremely difficult, and we made sure to walk with the students because it was easy to lose your balance! The students thought our concussion booth was a hit, and we truly enjoyed the opportunity to help them learn about concussions and brain safety.